Winter Loving

For many years, I use to not like winters in Europe. I could let myself linger for days into mixed feeling of nostalgia from the bright summer days or an urgent craving for the next heat wave. I didn't really embrace winter. I didn't really live it as much as I could be living it. 

We are so so gifted in Europe for our incredible seasons. We have crazy summer and snowy white  winters, orange and yellow falls and green and vibrant springs. With so much diversity and change in one year in our environment we get to explore so many activities and to get creative in the ways we can ride the wave of constant death, transformation and rebirth.  

Here are some tips and advices I am applying in my life to spend a freaking delicious winter and I hope it will help you create yours. 

A. Inner Fire

In winter, our energy becomes more stagnant (water freezes) so it's super important to keep our fluidic body moving and sweating to we keep ourself energetically balanced. (Winter is THE YIN season, so get more YANG into your life). I go for a 20mn run every morning to get my metabolism up to speed, plus it keeps myself warm and motivated all day. If you are a yogi, that's the time of the year where it's good to hemp up your vinyasa practice with inversion and to go to HOT yoga more regularly. 

B. Your Feet

- Change you socks often. There is nothing more discomfortable then having wet cold feet, agree? I always have a spare pair of dried socks in my handbag to keep my toes nice and cosy. 

- Buy yourself and good pair of slippers to put on at home. 

- A few minutes before you get out of your home, put your shoes under the heater, so when you'll plunge your feet in your sneakers it will almost feel like warm sand. 

C. Create a winter list and call it "My best winter yet"

Take some time today to create a winter list of all the awesome things that you want to do over the colder months. Here is mine to get you inspired: 

  • Go to an epic luxurious spa with a friend 
  • Cook a raw cheesecake and homemade hot chocolate for friends 
  • Attend new events and workshops 
  • Kirtan for my Bday at home 
  • Go back to my hometown and catch up with my high school friends 
  • Ski and snowboard over Xmas 
  • Have an epic NY party and dance until my legs cannot hold me any longer
  • Go to Paris and spend 3 days doing yoga, catching up with people and exploring 
  • Have a hot chocolate at Angelina's in Paris
  • Read 4 news books 
  • Seize new opportunities with more boldness 
  • Have my nails done monthly
  • Grow my vinyasa practice with new teachers online
  • Create monthly Spotify playlists and share them with people

D. Meditate and Pray

I have a non negotiable meditation and praying practice. Every morning, I seat for 20mn. I do 15mn of meditation and 5mn of praying. When I pray I also let my mind wonder into the beautiful things that this winter is about to bring, the closeness with the people, the moments of joy and the laughters, the new people that I'm going to meet, the new opportunities that my mind cannot yet imagine. I pray for all the blessings and miracles of Life and for the people. It's a powerful practice and it keeps me mood and vibe high. 

Voilà, hope this post gives you some Inso to spend a real magical season, filled with magic. 

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Bless up <3