- Empowered baby - ๐ŸŒธ

The #clearer we get about our own definition of #Empowerment, or #Love, or #Joy ( - Whatever it is we want to feel like - could even be "I want to feel like a #Goddess") the easier it is to move through our false beliefs.

2 days ago, I had lunch with my @yogawithyou friendsy @benoit_meu at LepetitChezMoi and we discussed about how in some of our classes "We want to help" - Fair enough, we are here to do that! We are #Yoga #teachers after all.
We help students with their practice, with their alignments etc...  
However going a little deeper into this leads us to the grand question: "Why do we want to help?"๐Ÿ™‰
And we can come up with an Ugly Truth here. 
You follow me? Not really. 
Alright... I'll say it then! 

"I want to help because....... I WANT TO BE LOVED ... " 

(๐Ÿ˜‘Hello Vulnerable place) 

Now, of course that doesn't mean that I just put on some Satnam Kaur music and see y'a later-good luck in your handstands!!! Nah Nah Nah-maste my friend. 
What I mean is when I am in that space I am not empowered, I am in #fear, and that is certainly not how I want to feel, as a teacher nor as a #woman.

If I REALLY want to help, I need to come to a #relationship (any relationship, wether it is with my yoga students or with the postman, with my friend) with my FULL self. 

To be WHO I AM โญ๏ธ

Ya know that of course, you're a smart person. 

So now that EPIC question that gets us moving forward:

๐ŸšฉHow do you get empowered? 

Here is one of my tool โžก๏ธ I write down on paper and get very specific about what it is not and what it is. โœ๏ธ
My main inspiration @tonyrobbins says: Clarity is POWER - so get very VERY specific in this exercise...


- Continue these sentences -

I give my POWER AWAY when ... 

I am EMPOWERED when .... 

My share: I give my power away when .... 
I people please, when I try to be, when I am not myself, when I don't express, when I think about what other may think of myself, compare myself.

I am EMPOWERED when ... I am fearless to speak my Truth, when I am ok with others's judgments, when I am feeling good, when I trust, when I rise up! 

(Photo credit: @gianggawphoto for my beloved brand Atmosea)

Happy Fridaaaaaayyyyy