Guess what?

Guess what?

I am such an #insecure girl. 

I never think that I'm good enough, and I seek my #worth into your gazes, your words and your likes. 
But even that, never satisfies me. I want more. 

And guess what? I am so afraid to be #myself, because If I do speak up, only #hatred will come out. 
So I keep my mouth shut and my #heart closed and I treat myself poorly. I make myself small and I try to disappear. 

And Guess what!!!!!! I am so unhappy and sad!!!! Because my life looks so glorious on paper: my friends, my boyfriend, my job, but somehow I can't taste the #Joy of that! I can't #connect and I can't seem to be #seen and I can't seem to be #heard. So I feel GUILT and I feel SHAME.

And to you my #friend, who I truly #love, but who I wanted to strangle up when you told me: "Just let gooooo, just love yourselllllfff, just beee heerrree nooooww..." 😱
Well as a matter of fact I've tried.
AND GUESS WHAT?!!!!!!!! 
I've failed that too. 

Hey babe do you recognize yourself here? Well Guess what....
Again, I SEE YOU. 🌺
Because I were you. 

And truly, I don't know what more I could add, to all what you already know about #spirituality and #selfgrowth 

But you are scared as heck and I can hold some space for you and tell you with certainty that .... 
The #Universe has your back! 
And that you are being cared for! 
That there IS an actual #path that is unique, TO YOU. 😍
That you are worth of #love 💛, and that there is enough room for you in this world.

Be #courageous enough, to rise.

With my dearest, #dearest heart. ❤