I'm better than you

I'm better than you... 

I'm better than you at doing yoga.
I'm more flexible and I have a better chaturanga.
I speak more languages than you and I also have travelled more than you. 
I either #ski or #surf better than you. 
Hey! I'm sorry but truth is, I'm better than you. 

But then ... a new #student comes to my class and does a yoga pose that I'm struggling to do... or someone gets to my #local #surf spot and surfs better than me, or I meet somebody funnier, smarter, prettier, clever, wiser... 
Bref, somebody shows up and DARES being better than me!!!! πŸ‘Ώ

What happens then dude, gets gnarly. 
I get SO jealous.
And Jealousy, ya know it, takes us to some weird dead ends. 


γ€°Dead End Number 1: I choose to hate this person. 
And she/he could be Lord Jesus the Saint of God, I don't care, I will find the most awkward thing to say about them so that it brings her/him down and keeps me afloat, above all.
I keep the crown and we're all safe. πŸ‘‘

Of course it doesn't work, they remain better than me and I stand in my own caca. πŸ’©

γ€° Dead End Number 2: I choose to admire this person.
Because I find this person SO amazing, SO incredible that they become my idol, my guru. I want to be them because they are so good. I loose sense of who I truly am. 
And here too, I'm standing in caca and nobody really want to talk to me. Hello? 

Those 2 reactions keep me on the loop of competition, performance and pretending. 

So my friend, having now the knowledge that both these paths lead us to stincky poo, we might want to think this through a bit. πŸ€”
What do ya think? 

- Choose to STOP -

Choose to stop taking one more step in those 2 dead ends. πŸš«

It's in that surrendering and acceptation, that all what you are looking for reside: The Pleasure, the appreciation, the flow, the enjoyment, the fun (You name it!)✨

And in that place, there can't be anyone lesser or better than you because YOU ARE YOUnique. β­οΈπŸŒŸ

Be you Beautiful, 

All Love, β€οΈοΈ