Nice Cellulite

I look at myself in the mirror. 

- YUK!!!!! What is THAT? 
- That's called #cellulite honey 🙀

Wait, but that's not possible! 
Because I am going to #Australia soon, meaning: Bikinis 👙 , and EVERYONE (literally) looking at me and screaming: "Is that CELLULITE???"

------------------- Wake me up please 😹 ---------------------------------

Now, welcome to my inner #meangirl punishment:

"You shouldn't have had all those pastas, wines, and breads, and from now on, you're NOT going to have any of it and be really CAREFUL and STOP drinking and.... " 

- Euuuhh?? Excuse me, but who are you for telling me what to do? - ðŸ¤”

I stop this roll and instead, I choose to pray. ðŸŽ†

I pray because I know that punishing myself does not work. 
Indeed, for years I believed that: "WHEN I LOOSE WEIGHT, I'LL BE HAPPY". 

So I did something that I still owe to believe is a very legit idea!
❌If food was the problem, then I'd just have to ➡️ STOP EATING. 

This is better known as: FASTING 💧 
So trendy 😎
Especially in Bali 🌴

Fasting is amazing for the body/mind. It restores and detoxify our cells, it purifies and clears our minds, spirituality elevates our vibrations etc.... 

However, when #fasting gets to the hands of someone with "self love issues", it becomes a weapon for self destruction. 

Ya hear me? 

And I don't want that anymore, so I pray: "Universe, grant me the message behind my #fear. I know that hating myself isn't the way and I know I am here for much #HIGHER #purpose than my cellulite and my 2 kilos" 

And here is the message I get: "I EAT, because I LOVE MYSELF"

Variation of that message: 
I am empowered in my eating, I am taking care of #myself when I eat. I #love myself when I eat. âœ¨I LOVE MYSELF WHEN I EAT ✨

We tend to forget that Fear never heals our wounds. 

Only Love does. 

Hey babe, Love yourself.