Save the planet

"There is plastic in our seas and there's plastic in our homes" sings Ziggy Albert. 

This morning I'm listen to the French radio France Inter - I catch the interview half way through. A woman speaks about pollution and... "how dangerous" "how alarming" "how sick we are getting" etc... 

Hey! If you know me a little personally you know I can get a little bit rebellious sometimes.
I went to Ocean Climax Festival last year and I was boiling inside my bones when Politicians talked about environmental issues because.........

(What follow next can appear to be a little judgmental and, you're right! It totally is.) 

.... It was BORING, it was NOT INTERESTING, it was NOT INSPIRING. 
- Outch? - 
Kids where looking away, my neighbor was snoring, people left their seats. Bref, fail massive fail. 

Yes, you are also right if you think that I'm over reacting this whole situation, but aren't we talking about something overly URGENT, like OUR PLANET ?? Isn't their mission to inspire to take actions to SAVE THE WORLD??? (Hello, anyone?)

Alrighty then.... Lets inspire each other for this common mission. 
We are the change!!!!  
If you are reading this you are already pretty aware of our eco moves and that's awesome and I bow to how much you are already doing... My question is.. How can we do more? How can I do more? 

Hey, don't worry I know you're smart.
I'm not here to school you over the awful effects of bovine agriculture, or the use of plastic, or the consumption of non organic products... There are so many good movies you can watch for that, like Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret which is my favorite or Demain Le Film.

Now... On a Spiritual high level.... 

When we are more kind to the earth, LIFE, the UNIVERSE, rewards us with good EXPERIENCE. We get more connected to the support of Pachamama on which we walk everyday and she helps us to walk in BEAUTY. 

So here is what I can do to HELP out more: 
Today, I am going to buy a proper water bottle!!!!
(Mine leaked so I've been using a plastic bottle for the past month, yyyuuukkk!!!) 

Share below, what you're going to do today (or not do!). 

Heaps of love my friend! Blessings!

(Photo taken in Bali at the wonderful yoga retreat of Rick Cowley's Vision Quest )