The Path

The Path ✨

I can't see it! Where is dat bloody Path? 

I've looked EVERYWHERE 🌎 Under the soft pillows of my luxurious Balinese bed, in every nooks and crannies of my NZ van, I've looked into the comfort of my parent's home in Chamonix, the hobbo life, the wealthy life, the barefeet life, the high heel life, short hair, long hair, salty, dirty hair.  

The Path wasn't at the top of that 🌴 either...

WAIT, Did you hear what my yoga teacher said? The path is .... in its teacher training ! 


Nah the path is Vipassana because at least I stop the search for 10 days and for free too! ðŸ˜‚

Shit, I laugh at my own words. 

The Path lies... WITHIN... ðŸ˜‡
So yes of course, on Eckart's book it all makes sense. But when it comes down to our experience, there is often a mismatch. 


I want to give you my keys, but Truth is, MY keys won't ever match your door lock.

(God knows I've learn this lesson)

Let me repeat this: MY keys won't ever match YOUR door lock. ðŸ”‘

And my only hope, my dearest wish right now is that this article FREES YOU! To STOP, stop stop stop, taking other people's key to open that Goddamn door and even if they give it to you! 

Can't buy the key, can't smoke the key, can't drink the key, can't EAT the key either... 

... And it's the moment we STOP, that the door actually open. 


Walk in Beauty my friend,