Ungratefully, Anouk

Why can't I feel this infinite flow of abundance running through me ?

I am so grateful for... (But wait, am I really?) ... Or am I just lying to myself right now? 

Why can't I feel like they say on the #Instagramquotes ??? 😭😭 Surely I must be a failure because the whole world 🌎 knows how to get this freaking Gratefulness thingo going, and I CAN'T.

- That's ok, just take a deep breath, smile and say "Namastayy" like everybody else and soon you'll be #abundant and #famous and sexy men will knock at your door. -

Hey! Does that sounds familiar to you? 

If yes that's all good my friend 😘 I use to do that too! And guess what? In that space of "pretending" there is no abundance, no fame and no sexy men knocking at my door. 

You are so smart and so aware, I know that. 

You know that our Spiritual practice isn't based on how good we are at yoga or how much of Eckhart Tolle's book we know of (and it doesn't mean that knowing Eckart Tolle or having a kick ass yoga practice aren't spiritual things either!). 

Spirituality is that feeling of deep connection with ... (Fill in the blank) - Higher Power, Universe, God, Divine Energy, Jesus Christ, Allah, Bouddha, The Light ✨-

And what the Universe wants more than anything is to see YOU happy. To see you in all of your joy and abundance and living to your fullest potential !

The only thing you have to do is.... 

To love yourself !!!!!

That means to respect yourself enough to speak up and tell your Truth! To respect yourself enough to take the decisions needed for your own empowerment. Maybe that means to leave the toxic relationship, or to get clean, or maybe that means to stop dieting.... 

And honey it takes guts to be Happy!
And it takes courage.
Come out now, and be that Hero. 

Good night. May it be kind.