My 2018 intentions


I flew all the way to Oslo last weekend to do some (pretty deep) interpersonal work with Sarah LaJeunesse. It was an extraordinary experience and it's not to mention that I did cry, sob and had major, MAJOR breakthroughs in the process.

The power of healing is that it transforms our grief into compassion, our anger into love and our resentment into kindness. That's how powerful the work is.

I'm feeling raw, open and à fleur de peau, and I'm coming back with so much love to give. This year for me is about releasing my content and getting my practice out into the world.

And jeez, it's vulnerable.

Also, thank you so much for the people who have sent me private messages to share their own goals and intentions. It warms my heart to see so many of us are rising up to new standards of living, and I'm beyond excited to see what this year will bring you.

I don't think that I am the only one feeling that this year is a huge one for all Women, with #Oprah sharing what she did, but also seeing so many incredible female entrepreneurs finally coming out of the closest and offering to the world their incredible gift (but that's a whole other blog post).

On that note, here are my very own personal intentions for 2018, among things that I am currently working on.

It's personal and I hope you will get inspired by it. Enjoy !

A. To stop being a bitch


Of course my intention isn't to put myself down, so let me explain.

I mean to stop gossiping.

It really doesn't have a good feeling to small talk about someone behind their back. Plus, if someone is gossiping about someone else with me, it is likely that this same person is talking about me behind my back, which is fine. But I know for my part that, whenever I gossip, I loose my sexyness and I lower my vibration to caca level. Gossiping has become a cheap currency for connection. But it's a fake connection that we create, and it doesn't result in deep and soulful relationship with our peers.

Also, if you want to bring this principle to your life (which I highly recommend you do) let me tell you that it will be a challenging, and for a short time it might even feel isolating.

Here is why with a short real life story that happened to me: 

When the terrorist attacks happened in Paris 2 years ago, I made the public commitment on FB that I would stop gossiping.

THE MOMENT, I published my post, my friend called me and started bitching about how disgraceful one of our mutual friend was.

It was as if the Universe was telling me: "Aright girl, let's see what you got!".

My friend wanted me with her in this, and when she finished to talk I could feel that she was waiting for my reinforcement. But out of respect to what I had committed, I didn't... Instead I said "Listen babe, I am so sorry but I am not going there, see I made the decision that I won't say anything bad about anyone today". 

And guess what happened: she told me I was a "fucken spiritual person" and hung up the phone ! aahahah

Eventually, she called back a few hours later saying how sorry she was and how silly she had been.

Added value: Having the courage to say NO to this "let's play small and bitch" pattern not only elevated my own vibrations, but also the ones of my friend! See whenever we free ourselves, we instantly free others. That's how good the Universe is! It's like 2 (or even more!) for the price of one! Also, my friendships are taking a whole different level since I have been courageous enough to act with that level of integrity.


B. To take a moment before

I make a decision


To give myself a few deep breaths and check in. 

If the opportunity sparkles rainbows and glitters in my heart it's a YES otherwise, it is a NO.

It is as simple as that and I don't need to justify or apologize, because NO IS a complete sentence.


C. To keep my commitments

towards myself and

towards others

(unless emergency)


Something I have been working on madly. See, I used to be that girl who would say "Oh yes let's meet up", but then I would always feel like doing something else on the moment, like say, stay in bed.

When I was in school my friends actually named this behavior: "To do an Anouk" and my ex boyfriend use to call me out on it by singing Katy Perry's song: "You're hot and you're cold, you're yes and you're no, you're in and you're out"....

In the whole "yoga world" especially, we are taught that it is REALLY important to listen to ourselves. I agree 100% with that message, and I also believe in acting within our highest values: like trust and reliability.

Because if I truly "listened" to myself, I'd be eating eating chocolate mousse all day in bed with Netflix. You hear me?

So yes, sometimes dear yogis, we need to forget "ourselves" a little bit and stick to our commitments. Which feels awesome and is so rewarding in the long run.

Also, I'm jumping on the opportunity of this public post to say that I'm super sorry if I have been disappointing anyone this year by slacking last minute. And even more, if I've hurt you in any ways this year,

I'm really sorry. <3


D. To express my appreciation

for people more often


It's weird but sometimes, I feel like appreciating someone by telling them how much I love them and stuff, and suddenly I tell myself "No Anouk don't, it's weird to tell people you love them". Truth is, every time I do, it's awesome and I change someone's day for the best. (+ mine)

Actually, let me start right away with that one,

I love you

There :)


E. To keep my cup full of


(and of wine, eventually)



Why do we have this tendency to over-give and to forget ourselves?

"Why oh why?"

Keeping ourselves full and overflowing is the only way we are of highest service. We are like  batteries of our phones (Not my best metaphor here, but it will do), except that we recharge best by UNPLUGGING and taking time off.

Knowing what YOUR charging stations are, is super important. So if you are unsure about what they are, I suggest you take a pen and paper or open a note on your phone, and make a list of activities that bring your levels up.

Here are my charge up stations:

Taking time in Nature, surfing with friends, meditating, praying, dancing, singing, yoga, runs, intimacy and naps.

I'm so good at those,



Voilà, that's about it. Nothing big, nothing extravaganzzaaa, just making small progress one day at the time into being a better human being.

My website should be (finally) finished in February. It's a project that I have been trying to birth for almost a year now, so I'm very impatient to bring it out.

If you already know that you are interested in working with me, I would LOVE to hear from you. Whether you know you need that one on one support or you'd like me to hold a speech at your event let me know. I have magic communication and speaking skills that can move and inspire a room filled.

Shoot me an email or reach out to me on social media.

I'm sending you my warmest hug my friend,

With all my support and my love,

Shine High