Intentions and Goals


Yesterday, we got to do our annual sacred ceremony to set our intentions and goals for the year ahead. It was such a wonderful moment and I'm going to post below some of the process that you can ask yourself if you desire to create a ritual for the coming year. 

But before we get to your resistance I want to highlights some concepts that are, in the whole "yoga, self growth" world inclined to open debate. 

And that one especially:

The belief that having a goal is the opposite to living in the present moment. 

Whenever I'm unsure about a certain beliefs, I look for evidence of it in Nature as it provides a neutral point of reference.

What I notice is that every living organism either GROWS or DIES to eventually just grow again in some other form. 

Conclusion: If we are not GROWING, EVOLVING we are DYING. 

Our spirit is dying. 

I also see structure and matter. The river can only flow if supported by Mother Earth and its river bed. For life to express, GROUNDING is of most importance. Grounding and some kind of structure. And like any good veggie patch, its about the quality and diversity of our soil.

Also, I see a lot of "spiritual" people criticising the" achievers" and that really pisses me off. 

See, I'm a spiritual achiever and soooo soooo prouuuuud of it. 

But it wasn't like that for many years. 

For many years I was just a "Let's get burn out and depressed" achiever.

Because unconsciously, I was setting goals to fix my broken self. Goals that, once achieved, would finally make me "good and lovable enough" / ("yogi enough" in my case). 

And I believe that belief is the NUMBER ONE reason why our western societies are sick. 

The sweet sweet realisation that you are good enough just as you are is step number 1. 

But not like you're going to repeat "I love myself" but truly just hate. Naaaaah not that one. 

The sweet, humbling and courageous act of accepting who you really are. 

That you don't need to over-do, under-eat, over-speak, over-make up and under-dress to be "good". 

Pffff.. How is that for theory? So easy right?

But that's when they both connect: The non judgment of self (=meaning living in the present moment) AND goals and objectives. 


When you remember that you are good enough, you start to reach out for things in life that are in alignement with who you are. 

Not what society says you should be. 

Not what ya mum and dad (I see people still parents pleasing even when their own parents have passed ! This is how powerful beliefs can be!)

Not what or who you think you should be in Instagram. 

But just you. 

Ouai my friend, YOU. Hello. 

So here we are... The questions, get a pen and paper. 

Let yourself dive into it like you would dive into a lake from a very high cliff. 

A little scared maybe. 


- A. 2017 

What are the top 3 experiences that you are the most grateful for this year? 

What are your biggest lessons/realisations from 2017? 

What and who are you most proud of? 

Is there some people you need to forgive this year? (Maybe it's you) What would you want to tell this person? 

What are the limiting beliefs that you do not serve you? (ex: I'm not good enough, I'm not worthy, what I do don't matter, I don't matter, I don't count...) 

What have those limiting beliefs cost you? (new relationships and experiences, joy, happiness, your health, your finances... ) 

What would be new beliefs that you could start to cultivate now and for the rest of 2018, that would truly serve you? 



- B. 2018 

What are 3 to 5 feeling that you want to embody most of the time this year? (Can't be Happy all the time obviously, but that gives you a reference point to come back, Danielle Laporte calls them your "CORE DESIRED FEELING" )

* Goals (get super specific) *

What are 1 to 3 goals that you'd like to achieve concerning your health? 

What are 1 to 3 goals that you'd like to achieve concerning your relationships ? 

What are 1 to 3 goals that you'd like to achieve concerning your finances? 

What are 1 to 3 actions that you could put in place immediately ? 

For what or for whom will you take more time in 2018? 

What could be your mantra for 2018? 

Remember it all starts with Truth, SATYA 

It's in that scary and dark mud that lies the power to create a reality that you truly love, a new lotus flower that is YOU. 

And, like the monkey God, Hanuman, you HAVE the courage to stretch your legs from one island to another to save SITA, which represents the part of your spirit (usually the feminine and creative) that's been robbed to the union of her RAM. 

As you reach out for those new islands, those new goals, you will encounter many challenges and it will will be exhilarating journey but also a painful one.

I promise, it will be painful. 

But the rewards will encompass any of it. 

Life awaits to serve you my friend.

Blessing and happy new year of 2018. 

If you'd like to share some of your work with me, I'd be super honoured and delighted to read you. 

The Grass is always greener, where you water it