the Seed of freedom

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I want to take a moment to acknowledge the people

Who feel hopeless and suicidal, 

After they have finally achieved all what they thought would ever make them happy: 

The perfect job, the perfect partner, the perfect body.

Whether it was a job in finance or a job in yoga.

Whatever the form actually, it doesn’t matter.

Because whether you are binging on alcohol, 

Or on high-vibrational-local-organic-vegan food,

It's the same shit.

And I'm not kidding. 

It’s the exact same root feeling

Of self hatred.

And I know how challenging it is

To love ourselves.

And how easy it is

To be fooled by the pretty, the skinny, the money, the "success", and the big Instagram accounts.

And, if you are are feeling helpless and tired of trying and tired of living, 

Right now as you read those words, 

And feel unseen and unheard,

Because the rest of the world is blind to your Beauty.

Let me tell you, my friend

I see you and I hear you

And please take my offer 

To Love yourself

Like you've never loved anyone before.

And especially those pieces of you that you don’t tolerate, 

Those pieces you want to suppress, delete and take off 

Love them.

Because those are the keys

To your salvation, 

To your healing, 

And to our freedom.