How to get out of Depression?

A few days ago I received a client going through depression. I was taken by a lot of compassion for this woman and so I wanted to write a post on this subject.

A few years back, I too went through depression.

Depression, isn’t not a moment of blues like “tomorrow will be better” kind of energy, we are not particularly sad or angry of anything.

A depression is a strange and constant state in which one feels as stuck in a mind fog. Going through depression, we have no real desire and we don’t feel inspired and cheerful by our existence.

When we are depressed, it is difficult to stay present.

Difficult to read a book because we can’t focus on one page.

Difficult to hold conversations because we have trouble listening to others.

Difficult to stay focused on anything, because our mind tends to zone in a no-man's land where haystacks roll to infinity.

We feel limited, but we do not really know by what, maybe by some repressed childhood trauma.

We freak out. Because we tend to believe that the fog will never leave, that we will stay stuck for life in total this confusion, wandering on earth without really knowing WTF is going on here.

We felt like strangling our "spiritual" buddy when she told us that we should just .. "Live the present moment, be responsible for our energy and eat goji berries”.

Finally, we feel guilty because, although we repeat SAT NAM 108 times, yoga ourselves out, remove from our diet all traces of gluten and remain POSITIVE .... We still feel:


If you are going through a depression I’d like to tell you that you are not alone. One out of five people will experience depression at some stage in their lives a depression. When you think about it, it's still a lot of people around us.

Depression is hyper taboo and not sexy AT ALL.

Let’s be honest, no one wants to hang out with a depressed person.

The Depressed one will then have to learn to "pretend", which is even more tiring to her.

We don’t know how to cure Depression.

Of course we know how to chemically fix it with anti depressants. We know what is happening in our brain etc ...

But the causes are all different and our way to healing unique, making it impossible to standardise the path to health.

It's not a virus and it's not a bacterium.

It's stronger than that.


Is a cry of the soul.

Practical advice

Relax the guilt bag

When we are depressed, we feel guilty because we have "everything" in your life to be happy:

Air to breathe

Money to eat

A shelter to protect us

I suspect, if you read this article you also have eyes (or at least one.)

And the technology to read it.

Yet, we feel unhappy while there are children who are starving on the planet.

You should be ashamed huh. (kidding)

Let’s be clear:

Feeling guilty will not give food to the starving children. On the contrary, guilt will isolate you, keep you stuck, and separate you even more from your true self. So the motto is RELAX.

Reassure yourself, comfort yourself, cuddle yourself with self-esteem.

At the end of the day, all we really need: is love.

Communicate what the heck

Communicate to your loved ones that you are going through something difficult. Thus, they will know that it is not against them or because of them, and that will avoid any confusion or that they take your state personally. By opening an honest conversation with your loved ones, you will feel less lonely, but also you might also find out that some of them have good advice to give you.

(Not all, but it's normal and you have to be ok with that)

Offer yourself a

health cocktail

Although your friends and family love you, their availability will be limited to help you and that’s normal because they have a life to live too. Seek help from health professionals. Psychologist, psychiatrist, acupuncturist, Ayurvedic doctor, reiki master, tetha healing Goddess, shaman, dietician, naturopath, sophrologist, homeopath, masseur, osteopath, magnetizer, cranio therapist, coach, yoga teacher, meditation master ...

There are hundreds of different therapies to help you regain control of your life. Personally, I do not think that one will do the job. You will have to be pro active in your search to finding the people who resonate with you.

It’s this proactive energy which will help you get out of depression.

Even if it is small, even if it is only a bud and even if you are still in the fog.

Small steps one day at a time

Even if you are stuck, life goes on:

There is housework to do, if you have children, there are mouths to feed, there are letters to send to the taxes and there are meetings to participate to. You have to get out of bed and take part in life despite everything.

Here's a question that will help you channel your energy without letting you down.

What are the important and urgent things to do today?

Mark on a paper these actions and do them one after the other, and erase them each time completed.

Break down big mountain goals in several small steps to avoid being frightened by the size of some projects and take small action regularly to keep the machine of life up and running.

Finally, here is a book I would have liked to be given during my depression:

Tears to triumph by Marianne Williamson

If you are looking for a health professional, I have an arsenal of competent people who can help you, and of course, I am here too if you want my help.

With all my heart,