Welcome to the zone

Monday I taught a Vinyasa class to some advanced students.

The class was about getting out of our comfort zone.

We explored Eka Pada Vasisthasana (also renamed by some students "The Flying Crab" pose), and on the way, we laughed, we played, we fell and we rose.

We got sweaty and we messed up, yet we rose again.

You guys are my number 1 source of inspiration, your commitment and your determination fascinates me.

Thank you for showing up and doing this work with me. I feel humbled to have you as students. It's truly incredible.


This theme has traveled with me through the week and I wanted to share with you more goodness about it.

The comfort zone


Since a few months I have been pushing the boundaries out of my comfort zone like never before: from publishing my blog, to releasing my website, starting to take in clients, doing speaking events... etc.

I do things that gets me out there, and expose myself to critics, judgments and downers.

And every time I take a step into the land of uncertainty, my body gets a little shaky, my bones a little chilly and my jaws a little tighter.


Hello Fear


Fear is normal stress-response to danger.

Our human system was designed hundreds years ago, when we could still get attacked by a tiger while berry picking.

We call that a survival mechanism, and it is freaking brilliant.

Here is what happens on a pure biological level:

In the presence of danger, the Amygula, a part of our brain, releases adrenaline and cortisol, which are stress hormones. Those light up our central nervous system like a Christmas light and tell our legs to run and get the F***outthere, fast.

If we'd make it safe from the tiger, our body would then release its happy hormones, like oxytocin and endorphins, which would get us super high and blissful as a reward.

The human machine is perfect.

The thing is that today, our survival systems still work the same, but our environment has changed a LOT.

Little are the chances to run into a lion on our way to the supermarket...

Yet, our survival mechanisms keep activating through our days, keeping us stuck in fear land.

Here is what happens in our brains:

" If I do that, which is scary.... * Create my business * Say I love you * Leave my boyfriend * Speak at an event * Do an instagram story * Publish my book * Teach yoga * .... people will laugh, reject me, won't love me anymore, criticize me, shame me. I will end up failure, won't ever make money and I will end up on the streets, alone and ultimately... die. "

Although it sounds like I'm pushing this far, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS to us, our brain and our systems.

Getting out of comfort, means that we are challenging out survival systems and showing it who is the boss.


And the boss,



it's YOU.


Not your survival pattern.


Also, here is the ugly truth of the world we live in:

People will criticize, laugh and SHAME. We cannot control others reaction.

Don't let that be a problem to your rising.

They are not Lions, they can't eat you.

That's why the yoga studio is such an epic training place. For one hour and a half, you are surrounded with mindful, loving and empowering people, who will support you when you fall and feel ridiculous, and who will celebrate you when you rise.

And like Rome, it takes more than a day to build a yoga pose!

Growth means taking consistent steps out of the comfort zone.

It takes HUNDREDS of breaths, courage and hard work.

And on the way, you'll fall and you'll meet with the teacher of frustration which is also the teacher of patience. You will cry maybe, you will certainly get pissed off and angry when your mat neighbor gets the pose before you do.

But keep going my friend.

This is the way to your birthing and to your rising.

So do it messy, but do it anyway.

Soon, your wings will spread wide open, strong and beautiful,

And your flight will inspire others to grow theirs too.


See you on Monday