For the men

With the rising movement on female empowerment and girl revolution it is easy for men to feel left out or even threatened. I have been having great conversations with men about the subject and most of them see it as a good thing. Yet, it feels as if they don't really know what to do with it, or what changes would that make in their own lives.

The fact that women are finding their true voices back is absolutely exceptional for humanity. What I mean by finding our voices is: Saying no, saying yes, saying I like this, I don't like this.

It's about expressing the Truth of what is really happening. That's what I teach women who come to my seminars or who work with me in coaching.

A few years back, in one of my yoga teacher training, a group of us, girls were talking about sex over lunch. The conversation quickly took a turn I really didn't agree with. It was basically about blaming men who didn't do it good.

"Shouldn't they know by now?"

The Answer is NO.

Life is a conversation and it needs to be crystal clear.

Bottom line is this: Us women are freaked out to express what we like and what we don't like.

We have been collectively taught to be victims and to repress our truth, thus, creating tremendous amount of suffering, resentment and blaming that onto others.

Female empowerment don't mean female power over men.

It means being responsible, and having the courage to speak out. And I say "courage" because expressing our Truth is SCARY ! It means taking the risk to being rejected, taking the risk to being shamed, it means taking the risk to be unloved.

Yet, here is what I have experienced, again and again in my own life:

- Every time I express what is truly going on for me, I am always rewarded with more love.

- Every time I have the courage to love myself a little bit more, I am rewarded with more depth and connection in my relationships.

Female empowerment gives men the opportunity to step into manhood that is: to soften their competitive egos and to open up to their vulnerable and emotional being.

Yes, BIG BOYS do cry.

And men are actually CRAVING, to rise up ! They are craving for real deep connection. They are tired of constantly competing with one another, tired of the social pressure that tells them what a man is.

So if you are a man, wondering how this whole women empowerment movement will affect you here is what I have to tell you:

It will set you free.