How to find your purpose?

1. Finding your purpose

How to find you purpose?

Become a yoga teacher and you’ll find it.

Quit sugar, coffee alcohol, gluten and dairy and you’ll find it.

Become totally knowledgeable about Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, shamanism, spirituality and you will find it.

Do this, eat that, go there, scrub your skin with that 108 times and… you will find it. 


Also I’m going to drop that Truth:


You will never find your purpose.


Isn’t that scary?


At the same time: Isn’t it totally liberating?


Here is the Paradox of “The Purpose”:


Surrender to not knowing, all is answered.


In the meantime however, you and me are still here, staring at our screens, on Planet Earth.

That’s a fact, right?

Well what do you say? What shall we do?

It looks like we have limited amount of time here, as you may have notice that some people are being taken out of the game without anybody giving any logic explanation.

So I repeat: What shall we do?

Shall we have fun? Shall we play? Shall we be totally ourselves? Shall we scream, get angry and cry, shall have a little dance, shall we have love, give love, make love, shall we bake cakes and eat them? Shall we make money and dance naked with it in your living room? Shall we rub each other with chocolate?


Shall we do this fully?


Let’s get started.

What would be fun to experience in this life?


2. Goal setting therapy


"Goal setting". 

Here, I said it.


Now, Who here wants to run far, very far away in the land of Non-Goal-Setting?


Why Goals are cool

Listen darling, every living organism in the Universe either grows or dies, to eventually grow again. That’s why we say that the Universe is in constant EXPANSION, and YOU are part of it.


This is an adventure and YOU my friend are the explorer.

Your goal is your compass; helping you remember which direction you are traveling in.


Setting up your compass

(Please enter the details so we know the coordinates to navigate on this)

There are literally hundreds of ways for you to set up a goal. What works really good and what I’d recommend is to keep it as SMART as possible. That means Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound.


Envision it and feel it as if it was already complete.


Again, just check in with yourself. Are you close to an anxiety attack since I mentioned the words “Goal setting”? Can you relax a little bit, roll your shoulder back and take a long breath out, because I’m not writing this with the intention to stressing you out.

As a matter of fact worrying or feeding yourself with “I’m not good enoughes” will just give your system more cortisol which will lower your sex drive and make your skin age faster. So relax.




What will your journey look like?


God knows my friend.


That’s the reason why most people stay on the dock.

They stay stuck because they can’t see all steps of the journey, and that is frightening.

Also I would agree!

After all wouldn’t that be totally more reassuring if someone would tell us exactly, how, where and with whom? Like the release that comes at the end of a Cluedo.


But also, wouldn’t that be totally boring and depressing?


Just START. Start with the first step. When you have done that first step, there will be another one.


What will keep your sails moving?




You gotta believe that SOMEHOW what you want IS possible.


That, if someone else on the planet did it, then YOU are able to do it too.


Let’s be clear, if you jump on that boat not believing that you will ever reach your destination well, then why would you even come for the ride?


People who don’t believe in the destination will be complaining, bitching and will bring the rest of the float down.

I’m sure you’ve known someone like that, and actually I’m sure you have been this person too.

Also I suggest that you don’t give those people the permission to come on the boat. This is your adventure and you get to choose who’s coming, so surround yourself with people who believe in you.


The strength of your Faith, will send out the winds that will make you move forward.

The strength of your Faith, will pick you off the ground when you feel like giving up.

The strength of your Faith will make you think of more creative ideas to over come any situation.


So believe my friend, believe.


Also, one more important thing before you take the sea.

There is absolutely zero certainty you will ever make it to the shore of your destination. After all, a storm could come, sink the boat, and you could get devoured by a giant octopus.


We are in this for the journey.


Allow yourself to have the fullest and richest ride ever

To bite with love and passion into this big mystery of life,

And stay curious as you learn what it is to be fully human.


Now, lets get those sails out.