Why I don't believe in GOD

"Humans want to know what life is about and what the heck they are doing here.
So humans created religions and gods to answer those questions. 
God is human's invention.
Conclusion: God does not exist" - Anouk, 2014.


I wrote this on paper a few years back, in between 2 surf lessons. 
I was so proud of my theory, I shared it with my Christian friend because I wanted to challenge him with my badass theory. ðŸ˜Ž
He laughed out softly "Yeah, yeah Anouk whatever..."

There was no way I could believe in God, it would be so fake and weird. I mean the only time I believed in a man in the sky with a beard was Santa Clauses, and guess how that turned out... ! ðŸŽ…ðŸŧ😭

What I didn't know at the time was that, by questioning those beliefs about God, I was also knocking at the door of my own spiritual awakening.âœĻI asked to be shown, I asked for Truth. And God... was I given!!!! ðŸ˜‚

The blessing was that I didn't BLIND FAITH (so dangerous and disempowering!)
On the contrary, I had the COURAGE to challenge and to question the whole God taboo. 

Does God exists?

I'm here to find that out.

(Photo taken by @thomaslodin)