Are you a business owner who cares about its employees?

Do you wish your staff to be more enthusiastic, motivated and happier as they cross the door of your business?

Are ready to invest into their well being as well as your own?

Do you realize how stress affects your company's sales and want a solution to uplift your staff's energy and help you grow financially?

Do you want more than just "a yoga class" but ACTUAL RESULTS on your employees well being?


I can help


I work with dedicated business owners who have a real desire to improve the happiness of its people and the overall health of their company.

 This is not just a weekly yoga class, but an actual in-depth health consulting that helps all members of your organization feel happier as they work towards your company's mission.

My years in working in the well being industry as a therapist, emotional wellness coach and meditation teacher, as well as my multiple experiences abroad have given me the knowledge and credentials to help organizations grow healthier from the inside out.

My work is highly individualized and the length of intervention depends on:

Your company's size, current situation and desired outcome.

The Health and well-being



of a company




with the health and well-being



of its people.

Having a team of healthy and happy people is key to your business's overall success.

Although most business owners are aware of this, they often don't have time and can feel overwhelmed by the stress of their role.

Our work together will not only help your employees decrease their level of stress, but also and most foremost: YOURS, as a business owner.

My work is always highly individualized and the lengthen of my intervention can range from a few hours to a real coaching program implemented over 6 months.

Offering range:

* Individualized health and life coaching *

* Group conferences *

* Meditation, yoga and self-growth workshops *


I work hand in hand with



business owners



to reignite in their company a



peaceful and enthusiastic






Anouk has traveled around the globe since a very young age. At 22, she graduated from a Bachelor in Communication at the Griffith University in Australia. She taught surfing and yoga for several years in France and in Indonesia. Inspired by one of her yoga teacher, Cat Cabira, shaman and medicine woman, and by her mum osteopath, she learnt the art of craniosacral therapy with Néotouch and traveled to New Zealand to study and teach along side with Frederic Cherri. In 2017, Anouk graduated as a health and wellness coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York.