6 weeks Meditation Mentoring Program 


IT all start within you.... 

This meditation program is designed to calm your mind and to help you tune into your intuition. 

We all possess incredible inner systems that guide each one of us through life. But when we are stressed, overwhelmed or anxious, it can be challenging to listen to ourselves and find clarity. 

Becoming aware of our thoughts, our breath and our body is key to coming back to the present moment and to turn to our inner wisdom.

This meditation program helps build self trust and grow your faith muscle.

How does it work?

We will meet once a week over 6 weeks. A session lasts for about 40mn within which you will be guided into a meditation.

You will be practicing this meditation everyday until our next meeting. At the end of each session you will receive the recorded audio of the meditation to help you practice.

I will keep you accountable and you will be coached and mentored through this process.

A healthy lifestyle...

It's tough to meditate in the morning if we've been drinking the night before, overeating at the restaurant or binged watched netflix until no time. Usually we end up not sleeping really well, feeling kind of foggy the next morning and tempted to over eat the next day.

Sleep, is the foundation for good health. Through our time together, we'll be working on your sleep routine so you can sleep like a baby and wake up in the morning feeling energized and refreshed.

I have developed a guide to help you do that.

What kind of meditation will I practice? 

Although the base will remain the same, you will discover a new kind of meditation each week. They are easy to practice and very powerful.

You will feel a greater sense of calm, peace and focus through your day.

Here is a sample of the different meditation that you will practice throughout the program: a centering meditation, a gratitude practice, recharging meditation, a positive emotion meditation...

Who is it for? 

* Beginners who want to start a meditation practice

* People who want to include a daily meditation practice to their lives... and stick to it!

* People who want a one on one approach + have someone keeping them accountable for their practice

* People who want to create a healthier lifestyle through meditation 

* Experienced meditators who want to expand their meditation buffet


Side effects: Decrease in stress, increase in energy, increase in creativity, epic sex, weight lost, greater sense of joy, greater focus, feeling of connection. 


Price: 450 euros

Limited space