pencils of promise.

EDUCATING KIDS, one pen at the time.


I was fortunate enough to be born in a family with enough resources to provide me with the comfort and the support to grow into a healthy and happy person. I was fortunate enough, to be born in a country where education is free and compulsory for all children and which provided me the tools and the skills to do what I do today.

I am a privileged person and I am fortunate.

And if you are reading this, I believe that you and I have the same views on the importance of receiving a good education.

I am certain that, how we educate our kids is what will save us from the great chaos of this world.

Giving our children the possibility to learn to write, to communicate, to think for themselves and to reflect is a doorway of possibility to finding the solutions to the problems that we can solve and the emotional intelligence to surrender to the ones that we cannot.

I found out about "Pencils of Promise" on Marie TV a few months ago and got totally mesmerized with Adam's vision of his "For purpose" organization.

I wanted to be part of that solution.

Every time you work with me in coaching or meditation, that is, every time you are improving your own life, you are also helping kids receive top quality education somewhere in a country with demanding needs. 2% of the profits I make will be given to Pencils of Promise.

I am so excited to being part of the solution and to help kids across the world.

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Both pictures on this page are from "Pencils of Promise".

Both pictures on this page are from "Pencils of Promise".