Private Life Coaching

"You are enough. When you remember that, anything becomes possible."

My clients are women who : 

- Are sick of the way they are living and want to reach for new living standard

- Feel tired and drained by life and want to start thriving instead of surviving

- Feel limited by their inner critics and struggle to handle it

- Keep feeling unfulfilled  

- Have an urgent desire to live deeper and more meaningful relationship

- Understand that the work starts within them, yet feel helpless and don't know where to start

- Feel lost in their career path

- Feel like a fraud or an imposter doing the work they do


Who is my coaching NOT for?

I don't work with women whose primary focus are to loose weight or learn about nutrition. My work is about uncovering your living potential and reaching for the next level of your health and happiness. The body, the financial abundance, the thriving career and the meaningful relationships are just the by-product of your inner transformation. 

What is coaching and how can it help?

Coaching is a support and guidance relationship within which the coachee commits to changing her behaviours to improve the quality of her life. The coach creates a safe space for the coachee to talk about her experience and provides recommendations that promote growth while keeping the coachee accountable to their word. 

Through my program you will received the guidance and the support necessary to your own growth. We will bring to the light what limiting beliefs and emotions have kept you stuck and I will support you as you move forward. 


"It requires courage to bring our best self to the table"

What is the difference between coaching and therapy? 

A coaching relationship helps a person grow into a healthier and happier version of themselves. Coaching is about accountability and about taking small steps towards bigger goals. Therapy works with pathology and illnesses and analyses the past to cure it. Both form a trusting and respectful relationship that fosters deep listening and active communication.

How does it work?

I work with people for 3, 6 or 12 months. Each program starts with a "Heart session" which is a full day face to face with me in which we do our ground work. After that we will be meet weekly by phone.

Each call last for 40mn. During our session we'll discuss what is coming up for you, what your successes are and what is holding you back.

I like to take people out of their comfort zone, so get ready to be challenged and to feel uncomfortable. 

I will support you along your journey.

There is no one program that fits all, each program is designed to your own needs and your own vision.


Transformation versus Information

My program is about transformation and NOT information. See, the world is FULL of information already, it's overwhelming! What you need however, is a proper "get-your-butt-out-the-couch" coach who's here to support you, cheer you up and who provides guidance for your growth. We'll bust out procrastination and perfectionism  and get you really anchored in the present moment so you can get the results and the joy that you so desire. 

When and How can I sign up?

I am offering my programs in March 2018. If you already know that you want to work with me, I am already taking applications, so shoot me an email at

*Important noteFriend, this is your life. Again, YOUR - LIFE. Soon, we'll be dead. A little morbid, but also a wake up call. Make sure you honestly love it. IT matters to me if you don't, shoot me an email. 

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About Anouk     

She is a graduate from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. She's also a cranio-sacral therapist from Néotouch in New Zealand where she learned the art of deep listening. For years she has been teaching people to tune into their heart for guidance through yoga and meditation. 

"It's way easier, if we are 2 to believe in YOU"


" I have so many positive things to say about my experience working with Anouk, I don’t know where to begin! I started our sessions when I was living out of a van in Western Australia. After 3 years of traveling and working around the world I found my body imbalanced from inconsistency and my mind soul searching for clarity on my next moves. Throughout my time working one-on-one with Anouk she knew all the right thought provoking questions to ask at the right time. I felt like she had the perfect balance of advice and letting you figure things out in your own head (a.k.a tame my monkey mind). Anouk is honestly a wonderful and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs some clarifying TLC is any aspect of their life." Sarah

" Anouk is a caring, supportive rock that has helped support me through the last three months. Her integrative nutrition guidance helped me focus on elements of my life that I wanted to improve in order for me to reach my fullest potential and feel good. I was able to speak openly to her about pregnancy, relationships my partner and girlfriends, career, nutrition, spirituality and physical activity. Anouk is a special kind of person who supports you to live your authentic path through an empowering exchange. I was able to pin point my thoughts and create realistic goals that created space in my mind and allowed me to focus. As she was in France she was the closest yet furthest friend I had to confide my deepest secrets feelings and all in such a productive way it was liberating! I particularly love how she got right to the source of my problems and had constructive simple tools (meditation, accountability, positive affirmations and diary) to help me actualize my goals. Something so simple as creating a schedule ahead of time for weekly food and exercise can be so nice, taking the guess work out of a busy week, allowing me to focus on other important things and not get caught up with should I jog or go to yoga this Monday. 
Anouk led me on an empowering journey of self discovery driven with love and support. I cannot thank her enough for all she has given, her time, energy, friendship and knowledge. I am a happier woman after our integrative nutrition journey together. Thank you. " Anja