This is a 6 weeks, one on one meditation program designed to calm your mind and strengthen your intuition.

Being in tune with your inner wisdom is key to making grounded choices that are in alignment with your higher vision. This course is progressive and available to all. 



My coaching program is designed for women who desire to better care of themselves, grow healthier and live happier.

If you are tired of unfulfilling relationships and low self esteem, if you feel ready to take the necessary action into living a happier life than I would be honoured to be your mentor and guide. 

Pre-required: Courage and a fierce desire for freedom.

Are you ready?   




Surf and yoga retreats in dream locations to play louder. 


Get inspired

Speaking event that inspires the courage to step out of our comfort zone and live a rich and full life. 





A 6 weeks morning yoga program to make you feel like a rock star every morning