The Shakti group is a gathering of powerful women seeking expansion in all areas of their lives. Guided by the care of Anouk, this sacred space will help you find more clarity in your life and remember the beautiful woman that you are.

You will be given tips and tools to help you step into your own power and become the best version of yourself.

The Shakti group is held every fortnights on Saturday at 7:30pm at Yogawithyou in Bordeaux only

(Well, for now at least...)

Come if you.... 

Want to live a richer and fuller life

Want to learn how to love yourself

Don't have the clarity you would want for your futur

Want to meet other mindful people

Feel stuck in your Life


What will you need to bring at the event?

A pen and a notebook.

You won't need a yoga mat.


Don't come if you.... 

Think you already have it all figured out!!

Want to do yoga

Want to coach others

Want to see a cooking show (I only do those sometimes on Instagram stories)


What is coaching?

A coach doesn't tell you what to do or what not to do. A coach helps you find the greatest answers within yourself. He or she will help you become conscious of some beliefs that are limiting the best expression of yourself and give you tips and exercise to become to most epic version of yourself.

How is that different from therapy?

Therapy digs into the past to cure it. Coaching is very action based and present orientated. Both use deep and non judgmental listening.

What they say...

Anouk really cares. She helped me get back in the driving seat of my Life. I didn’t realize how much I had given my own personal power away.
— Camilla
I have an incredible life partner, but sometimes I project my lack of self confidence onto him which creates fights. Since working with Anouk I have started a wonderful inner process that helps me release my emotions safely. My relationship has never been so vibrant !
— Maéva