A personal note…

If you are anything like me, you might be totally over the whole Yoga movement.

Yoga is literally e v e r y w h e r e today and often associated with images that are misleading, like young gymnasts doing downward-freaking-dog half naked on paradise islands.

The practice has become SO popular that even its marketing has turned mainstream and blend.

It feels as though, when people turn to yoga they suddenly transform to fit into the mold of the yoga world, forgetting their own personality, dreams and quirks.

So here is my warning before we start, whatever you do, stay true to yourself. Yoga included.

That being said,

One of the best tool you can use for your emotional wellness is: movement.

Any movement.

When you are feeling a bit disconnected, fearful, crappy, doubtful :

Put some music on and twerk on Beyoncé.

You’ll immediately feel better.

I am a particular aficionada of Yoga. It is the practice that I recommend to my private clients and I highly suggest you to try if you are looking for an emotional uplift.

And here is why:

Yoga will grow

all these aspects

of you:

  1. Control your breath :

    Knowing how to control your breath can be a life saving skill and help you through the most challenging moments of your journey. How you breathe is often a reflection of how you feel. Ever noticed?

  2. Clear your mind :

    You will grow concentration and focus, and understand how to evacuate extra thoughts that are just making life “not so fun”.

  3. Develop an intelligent body… :

    Yoga opens the body and strengthen it in a very harmonious way. I like to call it an “intelligent practice”. Indeed, it’s not about building muscle just to show around your feed, it’s about connecting to your inner strength and feeling emdodied from head to toes.

  4. … And an incredible one :

    When you check out old folks who have kept a consistent yoga practice through their lives, you’ll want to get into downward dog, right now. Check out Gerry Lopez, an Hawaiian surfer with a big soul, who is one of my biggest inspo.

  5. Challenge your beliefs and become more humble :

    Yoga is really about the journey because you can NEVER get it all done. All postures have variations and the path is an endless one. Yoga will also challenge your belief system like: “I cannot do this”, because you will eventually evolve and nail that headstand and when you do, well… What else can you do in your life?

  6. The Divine aspect :

    Whether you like to call it Divine Self or to Spiritual Guidance… or Cosmos, or God, or Unicorns or whatever you believe in. Yoga is a moment for connection to something bigger than yourself, for self reflection and gratitude.

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Privates and mentoring

My first yoga teacher training was a disaster. I had save up all my money and enrolled in one of the cheapest yoga teacher that I found. It has taken me years to meet the teachers, grow my practice, challenge my personal beliefs and become the teacher that I am today.

I love to take under my wings passionate yoga teacher who feel new in the field and who want to make out of their passion a job that makes money.

My mentoring yoga programs will be out in a few weeks so stay tuned.

I also give private classes to those who would like to explore more depth of their practice.

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“Follow your bliss

and the universe

will open doors

for you where

there were only walls.”

― Joseph Campbell