My name is Anouk

I am a French lady born in the snowy Alps at the bottom of the highest European mountain. 

I am an adventurer and a risk taker.


At age 17, I packed up my bag and flew to Australia where I graduated from a Bachelor of Communication and Marketing. 

Working in the Marketing world, it wasn't long for me to realise that I was taking the wrong road. I was getting horribly sick every time I had to go to work and I felt deeply unhappy. 

Also there was one thing that wasn't coherent with what I was experiencing: I had done all these studies with the objective to finding work that I actually LOVED. Not some average-money-making-not-so-happy-vibing job. 

Coming to that Truth was scary, but also deeply enlightening: In my heart of hearts I remembered that I was smart, that I was free and that it was ok to be happy. 

I believe that it's in that remembrance that every great journey starts. 


When we remember who we are and when we believe in ourselves, we find the power to live according to a new set of rules: OUR OWN.

It's a deeply empowering process but also extremely scary. 

It's a call of the unknown and a call to let go of control. 

Making room in our lives for newness isn't easy and we need a strong support system so we can shed off our own skin, connect with people from the heart and live a rich and full life. 

My journey in Australia ended on a high note: I felt alive and so grateful for my life. I couldn't recognize the person I had become. I had literally transformed: from my finances to my body, my relationships, my love life, I felt vibrant, supported and beyond all, loved. 

At the time I had no clue there was such thing as "Self Growth" or "Spirituality". Coming from a non religious family, I wasn't big on the concept of "God". I even started an online philosophy course based on the theory that "God doesn't exit". 

I had no idea what had happened to me, but I felt the urge to share my story and inspire people to live up. 

This journey brought me to learn and teach yoga and meditation across the planet for 5 years: from Indonesia to New Zealand, California and back to my home country, France. 



Through those years I actually lost a lot of Faith and acted mostly through fear, trying to please other people at my own expense, costing me my health, wealth and my relationships. I got stuck big time, got unstuck, got stuck again etc...

And like you dear reader, I'm a work in process. 

Like you, dear reader, I get scared, I lie, I freak out, I feel not good enough, I doubt myself and I do things that I'm ashamed of. I try stuff, fall and get confused, but in my heart of heart I have made the grounded decision to live up. 

I've created this entire website to inspire you the courage to act upon your own behalf, to reclaim your power and therefore, your life. 


May I remain true, bold and authentic. 

May I try not to impress nor seduce you

And in the most challenging uncomfortable Truth,

May awaken our fierce desire for Freedom and our trust

In the Great mystery of Life. 

From my heart to yours