Hi! My name is Anouk

I am a surfer and a yogi

And I help people live lives that feel truly good, to them

Through my one on one private life coaching, inspirational events, yoga classes and transformational retreats.

I support and guide people,

As they step into their own power, And create the life

they love living.

I believe every woman should feel inspired, excited and bursting with gratitude.

Because claiming our power takes tremendous amount of courage, I only work with highly committed people who have a real and urgent desire to change, grow and evolve.

What do you need?

speaking events

I travel France to share my story and inspire you to tune into your deepest desires, to create a life that feels truly good to you.

one on one coaching

“Awaken” is a private coaching program that will support you as you transition to living a life that sparkles your spirit.