Hi! My name is Anouk

I am a surfer and a yogi

And I help people live lives that feel truly good, to them

Through my one on one private life coaching, inspirational events, yoga and meditation.

I support and guide people,

As they step into their own power, And create a life

they love living.

Because claiming our power takes tremendous amount of courage, I only work with highly committed people who have a real and urgent desire to change, grow and evolve.

What do you need?

speaking events

I travel France to share my story and inspire you to tune into your deepest desires, to create a life that feels truly good to you.

one on one coaching

“Awaken” is a private coaching program that will support you as you transition to living a life that sparkles your spirit.



Yoga and self growth retreat to fully blossom

I am a Pirate.

And I take the risk to dive, heart first, into the deepest caves of your soul.

To search for the hidden crystals, the rare pearls and the treasures that you thought were gone.

I am a pirate and I let the sun kiss my skin, the winds blow my hair blond, and I walk my plank to perch myself hanging like a parrot to the tip of the monde.

I am a pirate, and I create new maps and destinations and dare to dream islands that only my heart can see.

I am a pirate.

A nomad and seeker, in constant motion, evolution and transformation.

I have traveled many seas to learn from the wisdom of the ancient ones. On islands where the feathers of birds are brighter then gaze can bare.

I am a pirate and I was taught to navigate on invisible currents.

To listen deeply with light hands, to the precious swells that travel the surface of your body.

I was shown to ride my breath like a wild horse, to feel my emotions like a violent storm and to stand in my truth, strong like an army of thousands.

I am a pirate and I travel lightly.

With a whisper for a mission, with a feeling for message and with a song for a voice.

And as I become the quite witness, to the blossoming and the opening of your heart, I bow down in humility, to its beauty, to its magic and to its art.

And I feel my sails grow bigger with Faith. Sewn stronger, with the threads of Hope.

Calling me out for my next adventure, my next journey onto this great ocean of mystery called Life.


The grass is always greener where you water it


Start growing today