Pour mes élèves

"Je ne suis pas venu pour créer des disciples, je suis venu pour créer des professeurs."

- Yogi Bhajan


Je considère tous mes élèves comme des professeurs "en construction".

Véritables leaders pour leur famille et pour leur communauté, ce sont vers eux que nous nous tournons lorsque nous avons besoin de parler a une personne de confiance ou lorsque nous avons besoin d'un conseil. Ce sont eux qui choisissent, chaque jour, l'action et la parole JUSTE, qui n'est souvent pas la plus FACILE.

Ce sont eux qui, de par leur unique présence, élèvent inconsciemment les vibrations d'une pièce.

Mes élèves sont une communauté d'individus conscients et sensibles, qui se soutiennent, qui s'écoutent et qui s'aiment.

Ils sont des personnes en qui j'ai entière confiance, ils sont des amis.

Et comme eux, je suis une élève de la vie, en constante construction.

Et quand je marche dans mon rôle de "professeur"  au studio. Je me donne le courage de briller en me répétant silencieusement cette phrase de Yogi Bhajan:

"Je ne suis pas une femme, je ne suis pas un homme, je ne suis pas une personne, je ne suis pas moi-même. Je suis un professeur".

Et je laisse la grande sagesse de mon enfant intérieur s'amuser et respirer dans des postures qui sont parfois inconfortables.

Mes élèves sont de Grandes âmes qui se déguisent pendant la journée en docteur, en salarié, en PDG, en professeur des écoles, en agriculteur, en architecte, en père, en mère ...

Et qui, sous leur costumes, changent le monde.

Je suis extrêmement reconnaissante ce matin pour les personnes qui "show up" sur leur tapis, tous les jours ou une fois par mois.

Je suis tellement heureuse de pouvoir partager des moments avec vous.


Mes élèves <3


A praise to lucifer


I refer myself a lot to the Bible and to ancient Greek mythologies.

I find they are full of beautiful stories, metaphors and allegories for our spiritual journeys.

And athough I do not categorise myself in any particular religions, I search for evidence and wisdom wherever I can find it, whether they are words of Jesus, Allah, Oprah, or even random Instagram quotes. 

That's just how I roll. 

The story of the fallen angel Lucifer, is beyond all my favorite. 

Lucifer was the most beautiful and preferred angels of the kingdom of God. 

One day, out of fear and confusion, Lucifer sinned and got casted away from the Heavens. 

** A note on "SINS": 

 "To sin" doesn't mean to have x glasses of wines, to smoke cigarettes or to sniff coke.

A sin, is a behaviour rooted in fear that separate us from GOD.

Like: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. 

Humans aren't meant to act within those, yet IT IS PART of our spiritual journey to experience them. 

And, what brings me OUT of myself is how people tend to SHAME sinners. 

Here is the nugget of wisdom: 

Nobody ever sins out of bad intentions.
We sin because we forget that we are worthy of Love. 

My article today is a praise to Lucifer and words of compassion for my sinning self and all others sinners of the world. 

This is the story of how I fell


from the heavens



I was 22 years old and just came back from beautiful Bali where I just became a yoga teacher. 

I was dating an incredible spiritual man who was also life coach and living in the abundance of life, which is the feeling of joy and gratitude. 

My body felt incredible, my immune system was working to its full potential and my spirit was constantly at play. 

I couldn't wait to share and help people live to that standard. I knew exactly what the next steps of my journey were: create my own coaching practice and inspire people to rise up.

But I didn't. 

For one very specific reason, that almost cost me my own life: 

I wanted to fit in

I wanted to fit in so badly that I stopped shining my light.

"Fitting in" means: playing small, not voicing our truth and not being of our greatest service. 

Fitting feels somehow "safer".  

I repeat again that important concept: Before any sin, there is a moment of separation when we stop believing that who we are is enough and when we stop believing that who we are matter. 

I understand now that's usually when people pray. 

But my 22 years old self didn't,

And so the fall began.


By partying mainly,

But not like a "Let's have fun and party" - kind of partying (which I abslolutely love doing).

It was more a => "Let's party HARD and drink and take drugs and fuck with whoever, because alcohol, drugs and cheap sex are the only things I can find that numb my feelings and to keep me in zombie land" kind of partying. 

I felt lost in a massive labyrinth with no thread to guide me back to the surface.

I felt hopeless. 

Every moment of the day was a sin to myself.

One massive lie, in which I cheated, betrayed, small talked and gossiped. 

And it wasn't a light and gradual descent to hell.


It was a brutal fall. 


My physical health also deteriorated quickly and, in less then 3 months I grew some kind of herpes all over my mouth and inside my throat. 

I went to the doctor with my best friend and the woman didn't even take some time to listen to me, she just prescribed me with a tablet of strong antibiotics to stop the infection from spreading and some probiotics.

That's how the Health care system works mostly. Fucken alarming. 

Mentally I turned crazy, and I was too scared to talk to anyone about it because I felt that nobody would understand me. 

Spiritually and emotionally I felt stuck in the past. There was no flow in my body at all. I was totally numb of ANY emotions, which is fucken scary if you have ever experienced it.

No empathy, no joy, not even fear, or sadness. 

NO nothing. 

Ah yes sorry, 

I had those 2: shame and anger.

So much shame that, when I went back to Bali I couldn't even look at the waitresses in the eyes when ordering at the restaurant. My inner world felt too disgusting to let people look at my shit.

And then MASSIVE waves of ANGER. Towards myself, towards my family, who were so so loving and yet who I felt couldn't understand me.

I had become dangerous and toxic for myself and for the ones that I loved. 

My immune system went haywire, and I got massive urianry infection. 

It felt as if I had failed at my mission and God was telling me that I was no longer of use on this planet.

It felt as if I was dying. 

I went back to Bali where my dear loving sister welcomed the doors of her Rumah to me. 

I remember laying down on her bed, with tears rolling down my chicks as I screamed inwardly to GOD for the first time. It sounded like that: 

- "God, WHY? GOD what happened to me? Why even live, if I am NOT living within your JOY?

- Why even live? 

I'm not kidding, I truly pondered that question. 

- WHY even live? 

 2 things saved me: 

- My family. Because they don't deserve me going and I could not do that to them. 

- And a voice that said: "You HAVE to trust".  

That day, I made the promise to myself,

that I will heal and that I will rise again,

and that my message will serve others. 

Since then I have been so interested in stories of THE FALL. 

Through my years of research, I have found very little scripture about the subject. 

There is so much self growth book out there, but rare are the people who would talk about HELL and about THE FALL.

I have found 2 pieces of work that have helped me understand more my own journey.

Joseph Campbell talks about it in it in his book "The hero's journey", and I have found this sentence from the Gospel of Thomas in a book called "The Great work of your Life" by Stephen Cope. 

I hope they help you as much as they have helped me rise back. 


Anouk xxx



"Refusal of the summons converts the adventure into its negative. Walled in boredom, hard work, or 'culture,' the subject loses the power of significant affirmative action and becomes a victim to be saved. His flowering world becomes a wasteland of dry stones and his life feels meaningless—even though, like King Minos, he may through titanic effort succeed in building an empire or renown. Whatever house he builds, it will be a house of death: a labyrinth of cyclopean walls to hide from him his minotaur. All he can do is create new problems for himself and await the gradual approach of his disintegration."

The Gospel of Thomas: 

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."





All pictures by the talented



Filippa Edghill




is a very blur and confusing subject in my mind. 

And, whenever people ask if I am a feminist, I turn awkward and end up rambling a bunch of words that don't go well together. 

See, the first image that comes to my mind when I think of "a Feminist" is a 40 something single woman, who's built anger and resentment towards men over the years of her celibacy.

She sounds a bit like that: "They did it to me those bastards, so now they're going to pay". And out of shame, she never mentions her saturday night #orgasm with the boy from the local pub. 

Not sexy. 

Also, I think that a lot a women have lost themselves in the definitions of "feminism" and "women empowerment".

Let's try to see a little clearer here. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 09.04.22.png

Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: the equality of sexes. 

I do support the movement. 


I mean, I owe my voting rights and SO much to the ladies that have come before me and who fought so that I could have a voice in my society today. Thank you, that's huge !

And although nowadays things are moving much faster, there are still a lot of work to do for female contribution to be valued and respected within our communities and societies at large. 

But I don't follow on the "equality of sexes" thingo. 

I feel that it tries to erase or "make homogenous" the beauty and richness of our differences.

I mean, we dont' have to be philosophers to agree that male and female's sex is different. Women have less testosterone than men, women have boobs, and men more facial hair.

Exactly like the physical attributes, I believe that there are many other spiritual and energetic differences between male and female.

The feminine energy is soft, calm, lunar, cool, dark, creative, intuitive, passive, internal, nurturing, emotional.  

The masculine energy is solar, active, hot, external, competitive, dominant. 

So to the "Feminists" out there: I don't want to be and act like a dude! 

Let me be a woman, Women.


Women empowerment


The word Power takes its root from the latin "posse" which translates as "to be able".

Empowerment is the process of supporting another person to discover their own personal power. 

I had a friend telling me the other day:

"You'll get along so well with that girl: she is so E-m-p-o-w-e-r-e-d", while mimicking a big/strong girl.

It freaked me out a bit.  

I'm like (duh?), "Did you ever heard of Mother Teresa? Colleen Saidman Yee or Simone De Beauvoir? Cuz none of these women fit the description you're making of empowered right now"

To be empowered doesn't mean to have strong muscles, to be the CEO of a big company, or to make big dulla.

Being empowered, doesn't mean to be on top while having sex.

There is absolutely NO rule as to what empowered actually looks like.

Being empowered is a spiritual path that takes oneself from victim mentality to becoming actor of their life. 

It is a word on the rise in women consciousness because for years we thought of ourselves as victims of men.

And, like anything "real" in life, the empowerment process is free, available at all time and in abundant resource, these are: 


- Speaking our truth

- And acting out ouf our highest values


But also, like any transformation and growth, it is a a challenging and scary process.

That's why most people prefer to stick to the comfort of their victim mentality. 

It feels safe. 

Empowerment is a call for Courage and for Trust. 

Those are the people I look up to. They are my heroes, my Sheroes. 

I meet them a bit everywhere along my journey: from the baker down the street who's just incredibly loving and compassionate, to Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, Oprah, my friends.

And it is not a reward medal to be given only to our empowered sisters for showing us the way, there are as many incredibly empowering men in this world. 


I have it. 

I'm an Empowered Feminist.

That's killer. 

It's Tuesday, 8am and I'm going for a run and a yoga practice now. 

Have a good day y'all.



Of course, on that subject, I couldn't resist to put the beautiful artwork of the beautiful spirit Filippa Edghill

Of course, on that subject, I couldn't resist to put the beautiful artwork of the beautiful spirit Filippa Edghill

My 2018 intentions


I flew all the way to Oslo last weekend to do some (pretty deep) interpersonal work with Sarah LaJeunesse. It was an extraordinary experience and it's not to mention that I did cry, sob and had major, MAJOR breakthroughs in the process.

The power of healing is that it transforms our grief into compassion, our anger into love and our resentment into kindness. That's how powerful the work is.

I'm feeling raw, open and à fleur de peau, and I'm coming back with so much love to give. This year for me is about releasing my content and getting my practice out into the world.

And jeez, it's vulnerable.

Also, thank you so much for the people who have sent me private messages to share their own goals and intentions. It warms my heart to see so many of us are rising up to new standards of living, and I'm beyond excited to see what this year will bring you.

I don't think that I am the only one feeling that this year is a huge one for all Women, with #Oprah sharing what she did, but also seeing so many incredible female entrepreneurs finally coming out of the closest and offering to the world their incredible gift (but that's a whole other blog post).

On that note, here are my very own personal intentions for 2018, among things that I am currently working on.

It's personal and I hope you will get inspired by it. Enjoy !

A. To stop being a bitch


Of course my intention isn't to put myself down, so let me explain.

I mean to stop gossiping.

It really doesn't have a good feeling to small talk about someone behind their back. Plus, if someone is gossiping about someone else with me, it is likely that this same person is talking about me behind my back, which is fine. But I know for my part that, whenever I gossip, I loose my sexyness and I lower my vibration to caca level. Gossiping has become a cheap currency for connection. But it's a fake connection that we create, and it doesn't result in deep and soulful relationship with our peers.

Also, if you want to bring this principle to your life (which I highly recommend you do) let me tell you that it will be a challenging, and for a short time it might even feel isolating.

Here is why with a short real life story that happened to me: 

When the terrorist attacks happened in Paris 2 years ago, I made the public commitment on FB that I would stop gossiping.

THE MOMENT, I published my post, my friend called me and started bitching about how disgraceful one of our mutual friend was.

It was as if the Universe was telling me: "Aright girl, let's see what you got!".

My friend wanted me with her in this, and when she finished to talk I could feel that she was waiting for my reinforcement. But out of respect to what I had committed, I didn't... Instead I said "Listen babe, I am so sorry but I am not going there, see I made the decision that I won't say anything bad about anyone today". 

And guess what happened: she told me I was a "fucken spiritual person" and hung up the phone ! aahahah

Eventually, she called back a few hours later saying how sorry she was and how silly she had been.

Added value: Having the courage to say NO to this "let's play small and bitch" pattern not only elevated my own vibrations, but also the ones of my friend! See whenever we free ourselves, we instantly free others. That's how good the Universe is! It's like 2 (or even more!) for the price of one! Also, my friendships are taking a whole different level since I have been courageous enough to act with that level of integrity.


B. To take a moment before

I make a decision


To give myself a few deep breaths and check in. 

If the opportunity sparkles rainbows and glitters in my heart it's a YES otherwise, it is a NO.

It is as simple as that and I don't need to justify or apologize, because NO IS a complete sentence.


C. To keep my commitments

towards myself and

towards others

(unless emergency)


Something I have been working on madly. See, I used to be that girl who would say "Oh yes let's meet up", but then I would always feel like doing something else on the moment, like say, stay in bed.

When I was in school my friends actually named this behavior: "To do an Anouk" and my ex boyfriend use to call me out on it by singing Katy Perry's song: "You're hot and you're cold, you're yes and you're no, you're in and you're out"....

In the whole "yoga world" especially, we are taught that it is REALLY important to listen to ourselves. I agree 100% with that message, and I also believe in acting within our highest values: like trust and reliability.

Because if I truly "listened" to myself, I'd be eating eating chocolate mousse all day in bed with Netflix. You hear me?

So yes, sometimes dear yogis, we need to forget "ourselves" a little bit and stick to our commitments. Which feels awesome and is so rewarding in the long run.

Also, I'm jumping on the opportunity of this public post to say that I'm super sorry if I have been disappointing anyone this year by slacking last minute. And even more, if I've hurt you in any ways this year,

I'm really sorry. <3


D. To express my appreciation

for people more often


It's weird but sometimes, I feel like appreciating someone by telling them how much I love them and stuff, and suddenly I tell myself "No Anouk don't, it's weird to tell people you love them". Truth is, every time I do, it's awesome and I change someone's day for the best. (+ mine)

Actually, let me start right away with that one,

I love you

There :)


E. To keep my cup full of


(and of wine, eventually)



Why do we have this tendency to over-give and to forget ourselves?

"Why oh why?"

Keeping ourselves full and overflowing is the only way we are of highest service. We are like  batteries of our phones (Not my best metaphor here, but it will do), except that we recharge best by UNPLUGGING and taking time off.

Knowing what YOUR charging stations are, is super important. So if you are unsure about what they are, I suggest you take a pen and paper or open a note on your phone, and make a list of activities that bring your levels up.

Here are my charge up stations:

Taking time in Nature, surfing with friends, meditating, praying, dancing, singing, yoga, runs, intimacy and naps.

I'm so good at those,



Voilà, that's about it. Nothing big, nothing extravaganzzaaa, just making small progress one day at the time into being a better human being.

My website should be (finally) finished in February. It's a project that I have been trying to birth for almost a year now, so I'm very impatient to bring it out.

If you already know that you are interested in working with me, I would LOVE to hear from you. Whether you know you need that one on one support or you'd like me to hold a speech at your event let me know. I have magic communication and speaking skills that can move and inspire a room filled.

Shoot me an email or reach out to me on social media.

I'm sending you my warmest hug my friend,

With all my support and my love,

Shine High